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Finally, a Business Platform That Moves You Forward

All-In-One Toolkit 

Taking hours to book in stock by entering items in one by one ? No problem just scan your invoice and Xanthe will collect the information for you. 

Simplifying the Complex 

From the time your customer makes contact with you till the funds transfer ownership to the tax mans bit ... all sorted on one platform 

Workflow That Just Works

Why use more than one platform to get the job done. Xanthe offers so much power and control with easy integration from your current software to customized dashboards on your mobile device.  

Integrated File Sharing

Been with anther platform for many years? Don't worry with Xanthe's smart file sharing technology it will integrate before you know it.

Total Design Freedom

Customize what information of your business you want to see in our colorful yet awesome dashboards, allowing you to focus on your trade and know what is going on in a second.

Optimising Team Work 

Allocate different sections of your business to multiple users from your mobile app, you have never had this power in your hands before.

There Is Something for Everyone

Need to know more? please take a look at our forms or contact us directly 

Accounting Sofware

Xanthe Business


General Inquiries - info@xanthetech.com
Sales - 033 150 0059
Support - 061 529 6609


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